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Sauna how alluring place , because you can relax in the sauna , relax and spend time with friends . Some people go to the bath because the team that is going there on Fridays , some say that were in the sauna but it is not included – and such statement shall be eligible .
The successful arrangement of saunas GC ” VOSKRESENSKIY ” confirmed not only by the fact that we are in the city center, but also the fact that in our building there is a restaurant where you can order dinner or lunch , not leaving it .
There is also a massage therapist , then passed the course, you forget what a pain in the back ….

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Украина, г. Сумы, пл. Независимости, 15,

+38(099) 43-73-535, +38 (097)5363636

E-mail: info@centre-hotel.sumy.ua

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